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I posted something on Twitter the other day that got a bunch of attention, and I realized I wanted to clarify what I meant. Here’s what I wrote:

“Silicon Valley’s problem in a nutshell: crazed about Instagram’s ToS, not a peep about FISA reauthorization.”

I meant to capture something…

Catherine Bracy on “the tension between Silicon Valley’s impact on democracy and its utter lack of interest in or understanding of the institutions and systems of government its companies do business in.” She’s got a real finger on why, as Jim Gilliam once asked, “the Internet has brought democracy to all of these different industries, and no one was trying to figuring out how to bring democracy to democracy itself.”

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    This is a really good summary of the problem that tech-centered people have everywhere.
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    SO DEPRESSING AND SO TRUE. If there is one thing I despise, it’s the internet’s messianic self-regard. Fuck a...
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    Great post by Code for America Ms Bracy about how the tech scene in SF is not interested in any higher goals, such as...
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    They really don’t care that much about making the world a better place, mostly because they feel like they don’t have to...
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    — Catherine Bracy, Director of International Programs at Code for America
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    Um, yes. Also, I forgot i was supposed to be posting here.
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    Every day, I agree more and more with this sentiment.
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    Ironically President Obama had the same experience and reaction as Catherine Bracy when he had dinner with the Silicon...